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MSA British Drag Racing Championship

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Round 3: Santa Pod Raceway – Summer Nationals - 25th to 326th June 2016

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This was the fiftieth race of the MSA Championship’s Pro Mod era and Andy Robinson has now won 11 of them. Since the era began in 2007, only Rained Off has exceeded Robinson’s tally, with 13 ‘wins’ to its credit. Robinson’s closest human challenger, Bruno Bader, has four.

Summer Nationals Summer Nationals Summer Nationals

Robinson’s closest challenger this weekend was Michel Tooren, once he got going. Tooren is paying fine tribute to the Pro Dutch Barracuda’s former driver, the late Robert Joosten, hitting 6-second form in eliminations and running Robinson very close in the final. Tooren was the only driver to set fresh personal bests at the event.

Summer Nationals Summer Nationals Summer Nationals

Robinson’s quickest elapsed time of the event was 6.088sec, achieved in the third and last qualifying session, but it came on a second attempt after a parachute had spilled out as Robinson moved into stage. Shut off, the Camaro was pushed back and the ‘chute repacked before Robinson completed the run after the official close of the session. The time therefore was disqualified though the decision was immaterial as Robinson’s next-best ET still qualified him on pole. The terminal speed on the run, 232.87mph, exactly matched Robinson’s final-round speed.

Summer Nationals Summer Nationals

Steve Rawlings’ nitrous 1963 Chevrolet Corvette made its ultra-long-awaited debut with six promising observed licensing runs, between them producing best figures of 7.911sec and 176.45mph.



Po. Driver Country Time Speed Best Speed
1 Andy Robinson GBR 6.114 231.38   
2 Kevin Slyfield  GBR 6.362 221.12  
3 Philip Englefield GBR 7.050 159.66   
4 Michel Tooren  NED 7.069 170.46  
5 Wayne Nicholson GBR 7.367 200.77  
6 Chris Isaacs   GBR 7.439 209.13  
7 Roger Moore  GBR  7.819  182.88  
8 Mick Payne  GBR 11.287  76.56    
9 Observed licensing runs:        
10 Steve Rawlings  GBR      
11 Withdrawn entry:        
12 Jean Dulamon FRA      

Round 1:
Wayne Nicholson 8.860, 176.44 def. Philip Englefield shut off
Kev Slyfield 8.116, 130.92 def. Chris Isaacs no show
Michel Tooren 6.177, 230.49 def. Roger Moore 6.709, 204.24 DQ R/L
Andy Robinson 8.390, 132.45 def. Mick Payne no show

Andy Robinson 6.144, 231.69 def. Wayne Nicholson 7.628, 181.37 DQ R/L
Michel Tooren 6.154, 234.05 def. Kev Slyfield 6.967, 190.50

Andy Robinson 6.092, 232.87 def. Michel Tooren 6.143, 233.74

Low Elapsed Time of the Event:  6.092sec. – Andy Robinson (E3)
Top Speed of the Event:  234.05mph – Michel Tooren (E2)

Personal-best performances set during event:

Michel Tooren 6.143 234.05

The 2016 points table is on the Rounds & Points page.