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MSA British Drag Racing Championship

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Round 3:  Santa Pod Raceway – Summer Nationals - 28 to 29 June 2014

Round 3 WebTV Show

Round 3 Report

This was a step in the right direction, at any rate. We have now reached the half-way point in 2014’s MSA British Drag Racing Championship and two elimination matches have actually taken place – no, not elimination rounds… elimination matches, individual pairings. For the record, Rick Garrett beat Kev Slyfield and Roger Moore defeated Philip ‘Bert’ Englefield; that is the sum total of this season’s head-to-head racing action. Then the rain returned and the event was abandoned so these drivers’ winning and losing efforts proved fruitless anyway.

Roger spacer Rick spacer Kev

This was a pity, as some fine performances had promised an intriguing contest. David Vegter and Andy Robinson had both run well within their capabilities to qualify first and second. Three qualifying sessions had been planned for Saturday but only two took place. The first was completed; thanks to rain delays, the second came up against the evening curfew and had to be re-run in full the following morning.

2008’s MSA Champion Englefield clocked a personal-best terminal speed almost five years after setting his previous PB. Chris Isaacs took his new, turbocharged Duster into the 6-second, 200mph zone for the first time and, in that opening elimination pairing, Rick Garrett turned a fresh elapsed time PB to advance his lead in the tussle to be Britain’s quickest/fastest nitrous entry. Roger Moore continues to develop his own, new nitrous combo and was disappointed when it didn’t deliver quite the performance he had expected. Nevertheless, Moore managed to beat Englefield and would have faced the winner of Andy Robinson versus Chris Isaacs in the second round.

Bert spacer Andy spacer David

Kev Slyfield received and fitted his new Brad Anderson motor in time for the event and put it to good use. Although he lost that opening encounter with Garrett, his time and speed in the new Thunderbird were only a shade shy of the existing PBs he had set in his former Willys ride. Wayne Nicholson fell short of the 6sec qualifying pace of his peers but felt sure his Lucky Devil team had found the cause of the fuel and ignition problems that have dogged them lately.

2014 has already set an unwanted record for rainouts – previously, no MSA Pro Mod season has suffered more than two. The concluding three races, starting with the Mopar Euro Nationals at the end of this month, need to be perfect to compensate. The weather owes us.

Rick spacer Roger spacer Chris



Po. Driver Home Town / Country Time MPH Best MPH
1 David Vegter  NED 6.372 221.33  
2 Andy Robinson GBR 6.470 229.32 230.09
3 Philip Englefield GBR 6.637 221.42  
4 Rick Garrett  GBR 6.731 208.01  
5 Kevin Slyfield  GBR 6.785 209.12  
6 Roger Moore  GBR 6.810 200.78  
7 Chris Isaacs GBR 6.925 209.85  
8 Wayne Nicholson GBR 7.893 198.90  


Round 1:
Rick Garrett 6.487sec, 211.80mph def. Kevin Slyfield 6.575, 212.09
Roger Moore 6.832, 202.44 def. Philip Englefield 6.869, 220.39

Race abandoned owing to rain.

Low Elapsed Time of the Event:  6.372sec. – David Vegter (Q1)
Top Speed of the Event:  230.09mph – Andy Robinson (Q1)

Personal-best performances set during event:

Philip Englefield 221.42
Rick Garrett 6.487
Chris Isaacs 6.925, 209.85

The 2014 points table is on the Rounds & Points page.