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MSA British Drag Racing Championship

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Round 3: Santa Pod Raceway – Summer Nationals - 19th to 20th June 2010

Having struggled for three seasons to handle his wild beast of a machine, Dorset drag racer Kevin Slyfield at last ran straight and true to record the maiden victory of his Pro Modified career.

Slyfield had made a 6-second, 200mph breakthrough last year and delivered 6.5sec passes at over 210mph when it mattered to overcome an all-British field contesting Round 3 of the MSA British Drag Racing Championship at Santa Pod Raceway. Slyfield clocked a personal-best terminal speed of 213.11mph during qualifying and reserved his best elapsed time, 6.549sec, for his final-round defeat of Graham Ellis.

Kev Slyfield spacer Graham Ellis spacer Wayne Nicholson

On a mid-June weekend graced with mid-March weather, the race illustrated the arduous and unforgiving nature of racing short distances in straight lines. Ellis and Andy Robinson were pre-race favourites but Ellis was ravaged by mechanical problems, giving his crew an all-night engine rebuild among other tasks. Robinson rattled off three 6.0sec passes, elapsed times unknown in Europe a year ago, but vicious tyre shake threw out a transmission sprag and condemned him to semi-final defeat.

Like Slyfield, Yorkshire’s Wayne Nicholson had waited awhile to achieve competitive form and was overjoyed to run a 6.6sec/210mph personal best in qualifying, but then lost an unruly, swerving first-round match.

Slyfield paid tribute to his close-knit, family-based crew as they celebrated at the victory ceremony. “I’m thrilled and delighted for us all,” he declared. “We have achieved this together and each one of us has worked so long and hard to make it happen.”

Andy Robinson spacer Kev Slyfield spacer Kev Slyfield

The win elevates Slyfield to third place among 28 competitors in the MSA Championship points.

While Robinson and Ellis head to Europe to contest FIA races in Finland, Sweden and Germany, Slyfield will have the summer at home to savour his success. Round 4 of the MSA British Championship is combined with Round 5 of the FIA European Championship during Santa Pod’s European Finals, 9-12 September.


1. Andy Robinson UK 6.062 - 227.87   [227.92]
2. Kevin Slyfield UK 6.556 - 213.11
3. Wayne Nicholson UK 6.699 - 210.90
4. Graham Ellis UK 6.741 - 226.74
5. Roger Moore UK 7.101 - 201.65

Withdrawn entries:
Philip ‘Bert’ Englefield
Ray White

Round 1:
Graham Ellis 7.439sec / 174.40mph def. Wayne Nicholson 7.761 / 190.53
Kevin Slyfield 7.202 / 206.27  def.  Roger Moore 6.988 / 201.54
Andy Robinson 6.076 / 230.17  bye run

Kevin Slyfield 8.855 / 101.97 bye run
Graham Ellis 7.267 / 156.29  def.  Andy Robinson 16.570 / 55.29

Kevin Slyfield 6.549 / 212.07 def. Graham Ellis 7.535 / 142.56

Low Elapsed Time of the Event: 6.062sec. – Andy Robinson
Top Speed of the Event: 230.17mph – Andy Robinson

Career-best performances set during event:

Wayne Nicholson 6.699 210.90
Kevin Slyfield 213.11

The 2010 points table is on the Rounds & Points page.