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MSA British Drag Racing Championship

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Round 1: Santa Pod Raceway – Festival Of Power - 3rd to 5th April 2015

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“To finish first, first you have to finish.”

The truth of that old maxim was aptly demonstrated by Kevin Slyfield. The Dorset racer rose from the bump spot to score his second career MSA victory without the inconvenience of actually having to race anyone.

Slyfield’s opening-round opponent in the eight-car elimination field should have been Bobby Wallace. The young driver from just down the road near Bedford had snatched the first pole position of his short career by just .002sec from Andy Robinson, while improving his personal-best speed by all of .04mph. The team, though, had suspected a mechanical malady and were proved correct on fire-up for the match, shutting down immediately. Slyfield soloed to his best performance figures of the weekend, 6.614/210.12, to advance to the semi-final.

Wayne Chris Jean

Opponent number two should have been Rick Garrett, but the Epsom racer had holed the block beating Chris Isaacs in round one and was forced to withdraw. A 15-second solo stroll carried Slyfield into the final.

His final-round opponent, Philip Englefield, was enjoying his BA Racing team’s best outing in several years, culminating in a 6.532 to 6.593sec semi-final defeat of Andy Robinson in the event’s outstanding match. Damaged crankshaft bearings, however, did for Englefield at that point, so Slyfield took his third unopposed pass of the day to wrap up the trophy and secure an early lead in the MSA Championship points.

Rick Kev Trophy

Even so, it was not all plain sailing for Slyfield and his team. The ’57 Ford Thunderbird was unimpressive on Saturday’s two qualifying attempts following the Friday rainout, losing fire after the burnout on its first shot and edging to an 8.28/148 bump spot on its second. Had Wayne Nicholson not managed to crash in session one after netting his quickest-ever 60-foot time, Slyfield might well have ended up outside the field. Moreover, he barely made it to the semi-final himself. As the last call to the lanes went out, the crew was still re-assembling the T-bird’s engine, and a troublesome starter motor following a hurried tow down the fire-up road nearly dished him then and there.

It just goes to show, appearances can be deceptive – even “easy” wins never come easily in Pro Mod.


Po. Driver Country Time Speed
1 Bobby Wallace GBR 6.543 210.88
2 Andy Robinson GBR 6.545  218.25 
3 Philip Englefield GBR 6.725 219.19
4 Rick Garrett GBR 6.866  210.87  
5 Chris Isaacs GBR 7.025 201.54
6 Roger Moore GBR 7.051 149.56
7 Jean Dulamon FRA 7.601 193.03
8 Kevin Slyfield GBR 8.289  148.09
No time:
9 Wayne Nicholson      


Round 1:
Rick Garrett 6.609/185.01 def. Chris Isaacs 10.187/116.75
Philip Englefield 6.556/218.95 def. Roger Moore 7.276/199.79
Kevin Slyfield 6.614/210.12 def. Bobby Wallace broke
Andy Robinson 6.388/224.46 def. Jean Dulamon 10.065/91.25

Philip Englefield 6.532/219.29 def. Andy Robinson 6.593/223.40
Kevin Slyfield 15.232/59.10 def. Rick Garrett DNS

Kevin Slyfield 10.610/98.57 def. Philip Englefield DNS

Low Elapsed Time of the Event:  6.380sec. – Andy Robinson (E1)
Top Speed of the Event:  224.46mph – Andy Robinson (E1)

Personal-best performances set during event:

                                            ET           MPH
Bobby Wallace                        -       210.88

The 2015 points table is on the Rounds & Points page.