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MSA British Drag Racing Championship
Urban Johansson

Urban Johansson

Car: '63 Chevrolet Corvette
Occupation: Car Painter
Home Town/Country: Visby, Sweden
Team: VBS Racing
Best ET: 6.102 seconds
Best Terminal Speed: 233.53mph

FIA European champion, ET record-setter in 2006. Suffered engine gremlins in 2007, inconsistency in 2008. Set Euro speed record at rained-out 2008 Main Event, before Eriksson and Lindahl went faster still. In 2009, qualified 10th, reached final at Main Event (MSA Rnd.2), setting career-best ET on the way.

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Urban Johansson spacer Urban Johansson spacer Urban Johansson

Car Specifications

Car / bodyshell: '63 Chevrolet Corvette
Chassis: Tim McAmis (USA)
Engine: 526ci Brad Anderson Ent. – supercharged/methanol
Supercharger/Turbos: Kobelco M-5
Pistons: JE
Ignition: MSD
Transmission: Lenco 3-speed
Clutch: Leanders  
Rear axle: McAmis/Strange floater
Wheels: Weld
Tyres: Hoosier
Parachutes: Stroud

Team Sponsors

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