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MSA British Drag Racing Championship
Roger Johansson

Roger Johansson

Car: '04 Ford Mustang
Occupation: Engineer
Home Town/Country: Mölndal, Sweden
Team: MSS Racing
Best ET: 6.236 seconds
Best Terminal Speed: 228.79mphmph

Europe’s quickest, fastest unblown Pro Mod. 2008 rule change increased nitrous engine capacity and Johansson’s monster motor, now 870ci/14.2ltr, is Europe’s biggest. Low qualifier at 2008 Euro Finals. In 2009, set ET/TS personal bests qualifying 8th, reaching second round at Main Event (MSA Rnd.2).

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Roger Johansson spacer Roger Johansson spacer Roger Johansson

Car Specifications

Car / bodyshell: 2004 Ford Mustang
Chassis: Jerry Haas (USA)
Engine: 830ci Gene Fulton – naturally-aspirated/nitrous/petrol
Supercharger/Turbos: -
Pistons: Venolia
Ignition: MSD
Transmission: Lenco 4-speed
Clutch: Crower  
Rear axle: Strange 9.5
Wheels: Weld
Tyres: Goodyear
Parachutes: Stroud

Team Sponsors

JoTech Design / Erwia / Grafisk Lack / Am-car