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MSA British Drag Racing Championship
Kevin Slyfield

Kevin Slyfield

Car: Willys Sedan
Occupation: M & D Tooling - precision engineering
Home Town/Country: Verwood
Team: Kevin Slyfield
Best ET: 7.279 seconds
Best Terminal Speed: 193.97mph

Kevin Slyfield faced a stiff task in 2007. Previously Kev had been running 11sec. Pro ET passes in a big Plymouth Belvedere with a naturally aspirated engine. Now he found himself behind the wheel of a new, Pro Mod Willys sedan with a blown motor punching out around four times the horsepower. The carís 200mph potential was an eye-popping advance on the 115mph terminal speeds he had previously run.

A championship and a runner-up finish in just four Sportsman seasons suggested promising credentials for success in Pro Mod. Easter saw the debut of the new car, a product of Andy Robinson Race Cars carrying an original steel, 1941 Willys body and using a Lenco transmission with a Bruno converter instead of the clutch usually favoured by his peers. Handling so much horsepower is a major learning experience and Kevin was pleased to be awarded his Pro Mod competition licence at Juneís Summer Nationals (MSA Rnd. 3.

Kevin was disappointed not to improve his performance figures at Santa Podís FIA European Finals (MSA Rnd. 4), where transmission damage limited him to a non-qualifying best of 7.835/171.21 in only two attempts. As at Easter, Kevin was forced to make the 300-mile round-trip back to base in Dorset on a re-machining mission to address the problem.

Kevin ended the season on a positive note, clocking new career-best figures of 7.279/193.97 at Santa Podís National Finals (MSA Rnd. 5).

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Kevin Slyfield spacer Kevin Slyfield spacer Kevin Slyfield


Car / bodyshell: 1941 Willys - original steel
Chassis: Andy Robinson Race Cars
Engine: 526ci Keith Black / Brad Anderson Stage 3 heads
Supercharger: Kobelco / CBD injector
Pistons: Arias
Ignition: MSD
Transmission: Bruno Lenco
Rear axle: Andy Robinson Race Cars
Tyres: Hoosier
Parachutes: Stroud