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MSA British Drag Racing Championship
Mats Eriksson

Mats Eriksson

Car: '56 Ford Crown Victoria
Occupation: ME Racing Service AB – Racing Car Construction
Home Town/Country: Borlänge, Sweden
Team: Green Goblin
Best ET: 6.248 seconds
Best Terminal Speed: 227.22mph

The fabled Green Goblin Ford has long been one of the most potent Pro Mods on the European scene. A new chassis was built during the off-season to improve the car’s handling and produce smooth, straight runs of championship-challenging quality.

Mats came close to his personal best at May’s rained-off Main Event (MSA Rnd. 2), clocking 6.267sec. In July’s FIA races in Scandinavia, he reached the second round at Alastaro, Finland, before rain again brought a halt, and clocked another 6.267 en route to a semi-final finish at Mantorp Park, Sweden. A 6.262, at a career-best speed of 227.22mph, was sufficient to qualify him 5th at Santa Pod’s FIA European Finals, where he reached the 2nd round.

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Mats Eriksson spacer Mats Eriksson spacer Mats Eriksson


Car / bodyshell: '56 Ford Crown Victoria
Chassis: ME Racing Service
Engine: 520ci Brad Anderson
Supercharger: SSI
Pistons: JE
Ignition: MSD ProMag 44
Transmission: Lenco 3-speed
Clutch: Crower 10,7  
Rear axle: ME Racing Service Floater 9,5
Wheels: Alumastar
Tyres: Hoosier
Parachutes: Stroud air-controlled